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Dr. Curtis, Dr. Dylan Lowder, and our entire All American Medical Hammond team is dedicated to providing the best regenerative medicine and responsible pain management in the Northshore area.

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We accept all major insurance providers and bill the insurance company for you. We even call your provider prior to your appointment to make sure you have the coverage you need.


Medically Integrated

We offer both chiropractic medicine performed by chiropractors and medical services performed by licensed medical practitioners, so you get the most effective treatment possible.


Holistic Approach

All American Medical is the only practice within the region that offers the best of chiropractic care, holistic medical care, physical therapy, and massage therapy under one roof.

Hammond Medical Services

Our Hammond Medical Team

Dr. Chip Curtis, DC, BS

Chip Curtis, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Siecsnyadre Craig, MD

Siecsnyadre Craig, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Dylan Lowder, DC

Dylan Lowder, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Heather Shoultz, AG-ACNP, FNP

Heather Shoultz, AG-ACNP, FNP

Nurse Practitioner

Case Manager Kelly Pottipadu | All American Medical: Pain Management Team

Kelly Pottipadu

Case Manager

what Our Patients Are Saying

Chris KimberlyChris Kimberly
20:52 04 Dec 23
It’s the best place I could possible be to get better highly recommend!
Maddox FannalyMaddox Fannaly
20:55 29 Nov 23
Great chiropractic clinic! Friendly staff, skilled chiropractor, and effective care. Left feeling fantastic – highly recommend!
Meka ThomasMeka Thomas
18:22 29 Nov 23
At all American Healthcare is the best place to go for Thearpy. The staff has the best personality and are always so care. When you go to all American medical Healthcare you feel like you are with family. Thanks for being the best.
Joseph ZitoJoseph Zito
16:23 02 Nov 23
This crew knows how to motivate you and get you moving. I played football most of my life and my body took a beating. I recently had knee surgery and came in just for that. Well, they got my whole body right. I am standing with better posture, moving with better motion and sleeping better. Do yourself a favor and go see them now. Let them help you!
Kim FormanKim Forman
01:07 26 Oct 23
I thought I was making a chiropractic appointment and when I walked in I found out the clinic was offering so much more. The doctor was walking a patient out and came and sat next to me and introduced herself to me, such a friendly and professional staff. I felt like I finally was going to get the treatment I needed to feel better. I am excited to get my 1st day of treatment next week.
Courtney EliseCourtney Elise
14:44 25 Sep 23
My son needed to get in to get an adjustment right away and they quickly got us in and taken care of! The whole team was so friendly and the Dr. took her time with us. Great experience and will be back!
Lisa SeymourLisa Seymour
18:04 29 Jul 23
I have been going to All American Medical for a little while now and absolutely love them! They give a trigger point massage each visit that has been so helping in relieving pain and tension. If I could, I would've brought them with me on my three week vacation! I have been getting the trigger point injections and they have been so helpful, especially in the knees. I got a injection in my knees right before going on vacation and felt so good the entire vacation because of it.
Mary HymelMary Hymel
20:38 18 Jul 23
Stephanie WhannStephanie Whann
01:04 18 Jul 23
I started coming to this place to fix the knots in my neck. I have received so much more care than I dreamed of. This place listens and responds! I love the personal/professional relationships that have developed since I have started. I feel like when I walk in they know me- I’m not just a patient, I’m a patient that they know and love!
17:03 10 Jul 23
I have had back pain since I could remember. It became a new sense of normal to me, but my friend recommended I try All American Health. The second I walked into the door the people here became like a second family to me. They genuinely care about you and want you to feel like your best self again. I actually looked forward to treatment because I would get to catch up with the workers, and I always knew I would get a laugh in too. I am almost at the end of my time here and wanted to leave this review for people who thought pain was supposed to be their new normal. All American Health has shown me a new quality to life I never knew was possible. I am officially pain free and have met the most amazing people. I honestly cannot recommend this place enough. A huge shoutout to the team and chiropractors. I will forever be team All American Health!!!
Dana McLinDana McLin
22:30 29 Jun 23
Now that I’m retired, I’m working hard to correct physical issues I developed during my 30 years teaching—neck, low back, eyes, thumbs/hands. As part of my “recovery,” I started going to All American Medical in Hammond. Simply put, it’s fantastic.The care is a highly organized team approach—chiropractors, a nurse practitioner, a case manager, and med techs. My healthcare plan is laid out, visit by visit. I’m getting physical therapy stretching and muscle strengthening, homeopathic injections in my muscular knots/spasm areas, trigger-point massages, and a chiropractic adjustment every visit. My main problem is poor posture, for which I got a shoulder brace to help correct my bad habits. I’ve had some out-of-pocket expenses (for the injections), but insurance is paying the bulk of everything.All I can say is that if you’re having muscular-skeletal issues, give All American Medical a try. I’ve been going four weeks, and I’m feeling so much better.Easy-to-get-to location by Home Depot in Hammond. Tell them I sent you. 🙂

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