Workers Compensation

What Is Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation is insurance that provides medical benefits to you as an employee when you have been injured or hurt on the job.

A driver gets back on the job after his Workers Compensation claim

What Are Some Examples Of Workers Compensation Injuries?

Some common examples of workers compensation injuries include lower back pain from extended hours in front of a computer, a herniated disc from lifting a heavy object, a fall on a wet floor, and carpal tunnel syndrome from the repetitive use of your hands.

What Is The Sequence Of This Treatment?

You will first meet with your All American Medical provider for a thorough medical exam as well as some diagnostic tests. We will then create a custom treatment program that addresses your injury and aims to correct the underlying cause of your pain. In treating your injury, the All American Medical staff will often combine chiropractic care, physical medicine, massage therapy, and physiotherapy to speed up your body’s healing process.

Does Insurance Cover This?

Yes. In almost all cases, workers’ compensation will be covered by your insurance. As a service, the staff at All American Medical will handle the entire billing process for you so you can concentrate on feeling better and being pain-free.

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